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Our pet insurance products are supplied by E&L Insurance Services (Equine and Livestock Insurance Services) who have been in business for over 70 years we have developed a reputation for innovative policies at market leading low prices.

They achieve this by keeping our overheads to a minimum. No plush offices there, just knowledgeable hard working staff who are trained to offer the highest quality services. We are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and are members of the Association of British Insurers as well as the Insurance Ombudsman Scheme.

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pet insurance - the cheap difference

If you love your pet whether it be a dog, cat, horse or bird then we can help you to protect its welfare and save you money on vet bills.

For a small premium each month you can cover your pets vet bills, with pet insurance you can be safe to know that your pet will be taken care of even if you have financial problems.

Getting pet insurance is simple, just choose 'get a quote' from the menu at the left and choose the provider you want to get a quote from, click through and get an instant pet insurance quote from the UK's top providers.