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Our horse insurance products offer a wide range of cover and pricing options for all types of horses, young or old. We also offer insurance products for riders and trailers.

What is covered under the horse insurance policy?

Death of horse - Due to accident/illness + up to £200 disposal costs.

Public Liability - Legal liability to a third party, the damages and costs arising from your use of the insured horse.

Theft or straying - Incl. up to £500 recovery costs.

Personal accident - Death, total loss of sight, loss of two or more limbs, deafness in both ears, permanent total disablement. Benefits - 25% for riders under 16.

Dental cover - Treatment for you following a riding accident.

Stable cover - If stable is destroyed by fire.

Vets fees - Max per incident: 4250 (yearly policy), 4600 (monthly policy) PLUS 1000 (yrly), 1150 (mthly) certain vet recommended complementary treatment.

Saddlery and tack - Fire, accidental damage or theft following forcible/violent entry to a locked private building.

Hire of Horse - If horse is stolen, 25 per week for hiring a replacement

Lose of Use - Of horse due to accident or illness. Benefits - 50% for horses 13+ years.

Loss of entry fees - Due to death of horse or your hospitalisation.

Liability of use - Legal liability to a third party, the damages and costs arising from your use of another horse not insured under this policy.

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