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Our bird insurance products offer a wide range of cover and pricing options for all types of bird, big or small, parrots, budgie and canaries. There are three types of policy cover available; - super cover, supreme cover and optional extra.

What is covered under the bird insurance policy?

Super Cover -

Death Benefit - As a result of accidental external injury. Including death whilst in transit, at home or whilst being shown or exhibited.

Theft of Bird - Cover is provided in the home

Aviaries, Birdrooms, Equipment - Loss as a result of theft, storm, flood, lightning, explosion, riot, earthquake, civil commotion, malicious persons, vandals, falling trees. Note - no cover in respect of storm and high winds if structure is wooden.

Supreme Cover - includes the above plus

Death by Illness or Disease - As a result of illness or disease. No cover if bird dies as a result of illness or disease within two weeks of taking out insurance cover.

Vets fees - As a results of illness, disease or accident

Public Liability - Legal liability to a third party the damages and costs arising from your ownership of the isured birds. This benefit applies to birds of prey only.

Personal Accident - Accident bodily injury resulting in one of the following: a) death b) loss of total sight c) loss of two or more limbs d) deafness in both ears e) permanent total disablement.

Optional Extra Benefit - For Birds of Prey only

Non Return - This benefit is available for birds of prey only. We will pay if you are flying the bird and it does not return. The cost for this cover is 5 per 100 sum insured.

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